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Bud Spudeimer Is Here

#parody #funny #satire #meme

Welcome to my diary. My name is Bud Spudheimer and I am an admitted recliner spud. Ya I know that sounds silly but the more known term was trademarked so this is all I got. On this site I will be writing about my travels and my desire to get back to the comfort of my recliner.

I was harvested from a small field in Blackfoot, Idaho and was the 1st spud sprouted from Vitelotte and Bintje Spudheimer during last year’s growing season. I graduated from McDonalds University with a degree in Hash Browns but decided to stay away from the restaurant business for obvious reasons.

I have since dedicated my life to lounging around in my favorite recliner and when I can’t do that I am doing whatever I can to get back there as soon as possible. Why not follow this site to see what I am up to next?

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